7 Bargaining Tips We All Should Learn From Our Parents


Being born in a desi family, we all grew up going shopping with our parents. And you know what I’m talking about when I say they got that pro skills set when it comes to bargaining.

Here are 7 bargaining tips we all should learn from our parents.

1. Start by presuming your salesperson is basically there to rob you

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2. When they give you the price, instantly cut your offer to half i.e. for a Rs. 500 toy, offer them Rs. 250

Source: Giphy

3. For every Rs. 50 they let off, you only add Rs. 5 to your offer

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4. If you like what you see, don’t try to grin or act excited

Apparently that gives the seller the upper hand.

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5. If you can, in a rickshaw ride for example, tell them ‘abhi to Rs. 50 mein aye hain’

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6. Make use of ‘par bhai, barabar wala to Rs. 100 mein de raha hai’

Just a heads up. This can backfire into ‘tou use se ja kar lelein.’

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7. If you think your salesperson is being stubborn on prices, try and walk away only to have them call you back

This works 90% of times. Trust me.

Source: Giphy
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