7 Daily Tasks I Wish I Could Hire Help For As A Lazy Ass Person


Laziness, as I like to put it, is not just a state; it’s a lifestyle. But here’s the thing. Life for us sluggish masses is not easy. What is more, daily chores are never-ending. It’s an endless array of activity.

Here are 7 daily tasks I wish I could hire help for as a lazy ass person.

1. To get water bottles refilled before putting them back in the fridge

At least my mom would be happy.

Source: Me.me

2. To shut my room’s door every time my parents decide to leave it open behind them

Source: Me.me

3. To get my phone’s gallery cleaned

Does it require a broom though?

Source: Twitter

4. To microwave me food and cut me fruits

Source: Jiji Blog – Jiji.ng

5. To say ‘cheeni kam aur karak’ every time I order chai

Source: BuzzFeed

6. To update my playlist with the latest favorite music

Source: BingeClock

7. To fold my laundry and place it nicely in the closet

Source: HostelHunting

So… anyone looking for a job?

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