7 Habits We All Need To Acquire As Pakistanis Before The New Government Forms

Breaking Stereotypes

So the official election results are around the corner and as much as we hope our new government helps us form a better Pakistan, there is another factor that comes into play. It’s our role as responsible citizens.

Here are 7 habits we all need to acquire as Pakistanis before the new government forms.

1. Always throw the garbage in trash cans

In case you don’t have trash cans around, hold on to the wrapper and throw it later.

Source: Gifer

2. Follow the traffic rules

Be your own traffic police officer.

Source: The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki – Fandom

3. Know your rights

It is important to know what’s yours before you can claim it.

Source: Tenor GIF Keyboard

4. Don’t promote corruption

Corruption is one of the few giant issues our country faces.

Source: Giphy

5. Respect communities and sects that you don’t necessarily identify with

Learn to be a peacemaker.

Source: Giphy

6. Respect women. Let them take part and grow in Pakistan’s economical circle

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7. Save water

Pakistan might face an utter water shortage in future.

Source: Dribbble



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