7 Hairy Body Struggles Every Desi Girl Can Relate To


It is not easy growing up in a misogynistic society. The stigma attached to feminity affects every aspect of your life. What’s more, there are double standards for men and women when it comes to managing hairy bodies.

Here are 7 hairy body struggles every desi girl can relate to.

1. You are getting your eyebrows threaded and upper lips waxed every 10 days

The struggle of going to beauty parlors is real.

Source: Reddit


2. Shopping for hair removal products, like female hygiene products, is about pretending you don’t know what’s happening

Source: BuzzFeed

3. Desi men expect you to be carrying hair-free bodies

Shakeel, have you ever taken a look at your chest?

Source: Me.me

4. Being hairy is a taboo. You’re not supposed to talk to about it

Source: Know Your Meme

5. You grow hair literally everywhere except where you need them the most i.e. your head

Source: Pinterest

6. Aunties act as if being hairy is a disease

Source: scoopwhoop.com

7. You wonder what it did be like to embrace your body

Source: Nia Shanks



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