7 Reasons Why Dating In A Desi Society Sucks

Breaking Stereotypes

Dating in a desi society comes with a baggage that not all of us are able to pinpoint. It requires a lot of sneaking around and can be tiresome. This is not to imply people can’t have healthy relationships here; it’s just that the whole experience of it can be uncomfortable.

Here are 7 reasons why dating in a desi society sucks.

1. Even before you get to know the person very well, people tend to commit

Phrases such as I love you don’t necessarily reflect the achievement of a certain milestone in the relationship.

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2. The sneaking around is real

Your love for the other person is directly proportional to the number of lies you tell your family just to see them.

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3. PDA i.e. public display of affection is strictly prohibited 

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4. Setting up two friends is rarely a thing

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5. Online dating is a big no

Harassers everywhere.

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6. You have to be prepared for the different ridiculous reasons you might need to break up for

Difference of sect, cast, color, height and income bracket are just a few of them.

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7. No point if you have to end up with phupho ki beti anyway

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