7 Reasons Why Grandparents Are The Absolute Best


If there are any people who can claim to love you more than your parents, it has to be your grandparents. These loveable and beautiful at heart creatures deserve all the comfort in the world.

Here are 7 reasons why grandparents are the absolute best.

1. They can never have enough of you

Source: Giphy

2. You will never leave their house without stuffing yourself to the fullest 

Source: Odyssey

3. They share with you stories from your parents’ childhoods which your parents would never tell themselves

Source: The Bloglancer

4. They are there to fulfill every wish of yours

Source: Giphy

5. They are bad with technology but great with making you smile

Source: Giphy

6. Their love stories are pure and wholesome

Source: Tenor

7. They did fight with your parents for you any day

Source: Torn


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