7 Things About Adulthood We Believed As Children That Are SO NOT TRUE


In the naivety of our childhoods, we believed a lot of things that were not true. In fact, many a time our elders fed us with those lies. Toothfairy, or its desi alternative ‘chup hojao warna jin ajaega’, was nothing but a lie.

Here are 7 things about adulthood we believed as children that are so not true.

1. Adulthood is about money, money, money

How poor are you now?

Source: Giphy

2. You are a mess-free, independent and strong person at 20

It is only a matter of time I turn a literal mess from a figurative one.

Source: thefacultylounge.org

3. Your passion for being a neurosurgeon will persist 

Source: 3 Beautiful BAMFs – WordPress.com

4. You won’t miss your childhood

Childhood is all I can think about these days.

Source: Odyssey

5. Everything is a piece of cake once you graduate college

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6. You won’t call your mom every time the tiniest of things goes wrong

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7. Your siblings will still be your biggest enemies

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