7 Things Girls Who Have Gone Shopping With Male Members Of Their Families Can Relate To


If there’s one thing us women hate about shopping, it is having to take our brothers, fathers or husbands with us to the mall ever. Now we have all been there, and we have all learned our lessons. But ladies, if you have a male member of your family who is anything not one of the following, he’s PRECIOUS.

Here are 7 things girls who have gone shopping with male members of their families can relate to.

1. The first thing they inevitably make sure to say to you is ‘bus der mat karna’

Source: Giphy

2. They assume you can just buy stuff without searching the mall like thrice

Source: Gfycat

3. They are great for holding your shopping bags and taking care of children

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4. They’d never let you bargain

Source: TheSmartLocal

5. They assume you’re basically not spending one hour catching up on gossip if you bump in an old friend

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6. They suck at giving you any pieces of advice

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7. All they care about is when you’re having food and when you’re going home

Source: Degrassi Wiki – Fandom



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