7 Things That Are Bound To Happen On Every Election Day In Pakistan


Let’s face it. Election days, as much as they are crucial for a country’s future, can be pretty entertaining. And while we hope Pakistan today elects a capable leader to run its affairs, we bring you 7 things that are bound to happen on every election day in Pakistan.

1. First comes in the late waking up that a lot of us enjoy

Isn’t it the best thing ever to wake up at 12 pm on a Wednesday?

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2. Then there’s loads of nothing to do the whole day

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3. Your parents won’t allow you to go out given the political condition of the country

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4. TV channels make sure to update you minute to minute. There are special transmissions

Source: Digital Spy

5. Social media trolls are no behind

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6. Your timeline is filled with images of people’s inked thumbs with captions ‘casted my vote #WhateverPartyTheyAreSupporting’

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7. Then there is waiting for results

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