7 Types Of People You Will Find At Every Desi Wedding


A desi wedding is not just a union of two people; it is so much more. It is a show of wealth, an occasion of getting to know new people, awkward smiles and unnecessary hugs. We have all been there and we know what it is like.

Here are 7 types of people you will find at every desi wedding.

1. Rishtay wali aunty

Now if you are a girl who is above 18, you know what it like is to be chased by one of those. Questions like ‘age kitni hai?’ and ‘beta karti kia ho?’ are thrown right at you and your mother.

Source: Shadi Tayari

2. Judgmental aunty

Get ready for her ‘weight ziada barh nahi raha apka?’ and ‘color to dekho kesa black hota jaraha hai.’

Source: MangoBaaz

3. That one person whose sole purpose of attending the wedding is to consume free dinner

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4. Creepy video-makers

As much as videographers are essential to a desi wedding, they often creep us out. You will be sitting quietly in a corner, having your dinner and there comes the man…..

Source: Deskgram

5. Those two cousins who can’t stop taking selfies on stage

Like come on, get off the damn stage for once? It’s not for you!

Source: MissMalini

6. That phupho who sets the whole hall on conundrum with her expression of dissatisfaction with the wedding invitation

Why are they never happy?

Source: PeriFeed

7. That one uncle who, even after stuffing himself with the free food till content, has to complain how there wasn’t enough variety in dishes

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