Has Meesha Shafi Lost The Sexual Harassment Case Against Ali Zafar?


As the wave of #MeToo movement entered Pakistan, Meesha Shafi came forward with her sexual harassment allegations against Ali Zafar on April 19th. She released her statement on Twitter, saying ‘I have been subjected, on more than one occasion, to sexual harassment of a physical nature at the hands of a colleague from my industry: Ali Zafar.’

After the tweet went viral, Ali Zafar responded within 3 hours. Ali’s statement read ‘I categorically deny any and all claims of harassment lodged against me by Ms Shafi.’

Many influencers from the media industry stepped forward, speaking for and against Ali Zafar. While Osman Khalid Butt offered support to Meesha’s claims, Maya Ali vouched for Ali’s character. Actress Saba Hamid, Meesha’s mother, stood by her daughter.

Teefa in Trouble, a movie starring Ali Zafar and Maya Ali, also received a lot of criticism following the sexual harassment claims. People not only boycotted the movie, they also protested outside cinemas across Pakistan. The movie was released last month.

While Meesha filed sexual harassment complaint against Ali, Ali went on to accuse Meesha for defamation. Meesha’s lawyer filed a complaint with provincial ombudsperson which was dismissed on a technical ground. Then the case was again dismissed by the Punjab Governor today.

According to the provisions laid out by Protection Against Harassment of Women in the Workplace Act 2010, Ali and Meesha didn’t have an employer-employee relationship. The act only caters to that specific category. And thus the case was dismissed.

However, this does not prove anything. Meesha plans to appeal to the High Court next.

Where do you think Meesha Shafi stands now? Has she lost her fight against sexual harassment?


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