Here Are 7 Types Of Drivers You Will Encounter In Pakistan


Let’s face it, driving is not an easy job in Pakistan. With some half-built and some-half destroyed roads, driving really gets to you. It is almost as if the roads are abandoned. Yet we, the drivers, manage to survive. But that comes with a baggage.

Here are 7 types of drivers you will encounter in Pakistan.

1. Those who deny to drive without music playing in the background


2. Those who simply can’t stop complaining about the traffic

Like we know Shakeel, there’s traffic. We are with you in the car. Could you just shut up for a second?

Source: Meme memes | quickmeme

3. Those who basically don’t care if they live or die (God forbid) in a car accident. Hence, no seatbelt

Source: Reddit

4. Those who hate bikers

Understandable actually. Bikers will appear out of nowhere to get themselves killed.

Source: Know Your Meme

5. Those who are always in a hurry and their honking won’t stop

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6. Those who hit and run

Pretty common in Pakistan in fact.

Source: Toshi Times

7. Those who name their cars dhano

….. yeah, what’s that?

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